Making Life Easier

You’ll be excited about our fabulous, vast frozen department just as much as we are when you discover just how much easier life can be! Our frozen berries, organic vegetables and even chestnuts are flash frozen at the very peak of their ripeness so they’re exactly as they’re meant to be, in their ideal, ultimate state of delicious perfection. So when they’re out of season, they’re not out of your reach.

Essentials, Meals & More!

Then there’s the obvious convenience of picking up delicious frozen desserts like sweet cream puffs and waffles, to savoury snacks like Boscastle pies and spring rolls. With life being so busy we make your life better by stocking a range of Lean Cuisine meals and Portobello pasta meals. And of course we’ll help you have your freezer stocked with essentials like frozen filled pastas, quality Careme pastries (including gluten free) to the tastiest Yorkshire puddings you’ve ever tasted!

Gourmet Ice cream

Basil’s also brings you a tantalising selection of gourmet ice creams, in flavours that will make you melt! There’s Maggie Beer ice creams and a large variety of Azzura and Il Gelato ice creams, sorbets and desserts including torta gelati and semi freddo varieties.  You’ll also be happy to hear we have Ben & Jerry’s ice cream by the tub as well as shorties with famous flavours like Scotchy Scotch Scotch, Chunky Monkey and Couch Potato that we’re sure will put a smile on your face.