Discover New Dimensions

Find staples like low fat, full cream and flavoured milks, to cream cheeses, sour creams and organic, free range eggs. Or discover new dairy dimensions with our gourmet butters, creams, yoghurts, party dips, pates and more.  You won’t find a better selection of yoghurts, both in terms of quality and variety, with a large choice of Gippsland Dairy, Chobani, Mundella and Brownes products. We also make our very own Basil’s range of Greek yoghurts like blueberry, passionfruit, mango and raspberry. And for something a little different, there’s also a selection of sheep and goat yoghurts.

Gourmet Dips, Pates & More!

You’ll love our mind-boggling assortment of local, gourmet dips, from award winning and gluten-free Paradise Beach flavours to the unique taste sensations created by Yalla.  Then there’s salsas and relishes and not to mention Pate’s galore by Maggie Beer, Poach Pear and Holy Smoke. And if you really want to up the ante at your next dinner party, you’ll find endless possibilities with many gourmet delicacies to choose from including smoked salmon, caviar, marinated rollmops, octopus, chicken and pistachio terrine, sauerkraut to white and red horseradish!

Non-Dairy & Alternative

We also carry a palate-pleasing assortment of non-dairy alternatives like soy, coconut or almond milks and yoghurts, as well as pure, completely natural milk and cream by a2.