Baked Fresh

If you’re wondering where that fresh-baked aroma is coming from, you’re absolutely right! At Basil’s Fine Foods, our skilled Pastry Chef is committed as ever to this ancient art, creating our delights in-house every day. From sourdough, swiss, natural yeast free and organic Artisan loaves to authentic Italian, Pagnotta sourdough varieties, all of our gourmet breads are crafted and baked fresh daily. We also bake our own rolls and pastries including strudels and scrolls and buttery croissants.

Superb Range

We also stock a range of high quality, locally supplied buns, rolls, loaves, breads, wraps and flat breads from specialty suppliers like New Norsia, plus gluten-free Bodhis rolls, buns and bread products that are available on weekends.

Something Sweet?

Let your sweet tooth lead the way through Basil’s Fine Foods Mindarie bakery, where you’ll find The Naked Loaf, known for their delicious range of preservative free, all natural baked goods, as well as an assortment of muffins, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and melting moments from various bakery suppliers including Great Temptations.